“Heritage not hate” really means “I identify with a racist agenda”

Who’s happy that the confederate flag has been officially removed as South Carolina’s state flag? I am! While most civilized people are quite happy about this progress toward true equality, there are of course those who are extremely upset over the decision. Those in opposition to the flag’s removal claim that the confederate flag is a symbol of their ancestors + heritage.

One such man in opposition, decided to waste everyones time + placed an order for a confederate flag cake at a Louisiana Walmart. Walmart denied his request since Walmart is among numerous companies that have banned the sale of confederate flags in their stores after the tragic church massacre in Charleston South Carolina earlier this month.

Obviously this caliber of person wouldn’t let Walmart get away with denying him his precious hate-cake… and so he went back to Walmart the next day +  ordered an ISIS battle flag cake. What does an ISIS cake even look like?

Well, here is is:

Have any clue what that says? I surly don’t + neither did cake-making staff at Walmart… hence why it was even made in the first place. It was a mistake that this loser knew Walmart would fall for! Walmart was forced to apologize for making an ISIS cake even though this man obviously was just fucking with Walmart to make a point that has no factual, historical proof. Vox journalist  reported: “The Confederacy itself was founded to preserve slavery and promote white supremacy (see, for example, Mississippi’s declaration of secession: “Our position is thoroughly identified with the institution of slavery — the greatest material interest of the world,” or the speech from the Confederacy’s vice president that declared the Confederacy’s cornerstone “rests upon the great truth that the Negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery — subordination to the superior race — is his natural and normal condition”).

The loser that ordered the cake, +  all the other losers that claim the confederate flag represents “Heritage Not Hate” are seriously diluted if they think they’re not racist ass holes.

Yeah, I know its harsh to say, but its the truth. People in support of the hate-flag claim that it has multiple meanings, one of them being heritage or a representation of their ancestors. Which may be true for some people. But the bottom-line-hard-fact-of-the-matter is that the confederate flag most definitely also represents slavery, oppression, and segregation. There is just no way around that one… #sorrynotsorry

When government uses + allows such hateful symbols like the confederate flag, they legitimize + even encourage discrimination + hate. People that support the confederate flag simply identify with a racist agenda + support racist policies, plain and simple.

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6 thoughts on ““Heritage not hate” really means “I identify with a racist agenda”

  1. these idiots are banning a flag because another idiot went and killed 9 folks … and in some video hes seen with the flag in his hand . if he drove a mustang to the kill site you gonna ban fords? tell you what , why dont you take a look at the army of baggy panted, hoody wearing , gun toting fools that have been bred there whole life that raping , murdering , robing and killing is the way to get what they want … and then blame everyone else for it.thats who does most of your crime , not most anyone with a flag . there were 9 people killed and 53 injured in chicago last weekend and a flag never pulled a single trigger or was waved.this country is so f’ing stupid . maybe that mushroomed headed idiot that killed those poor people in south carolina should tell the d.a. “the flag made me do it” as retarded as this country is , he’d get off . pathetic.btw there’s been untold millions killed using the american flag . go ask the japanese how fucking dumb you sound complaining about a flag that people drag through the mud when they need a scape goat. also, please go learn some history of why the civil war started . it was alot more about money . please do your research , ive studied the civil war for 20 years. o


    1. You “studied the civil war for 20 years”? I find that hard to believe as your comment is written by someone clearly barely even literate. And exceedingly racist, and ignorant. Bye Felicia.

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