The Backlash is Real, Indiana!

It makes me very happy to see people + corporations uniting together to boycott Indiana due to the new Religious Freedom Restoration Act RFRA. The law basically says discrimination is ‘okay’ (as in legal) if its packaged as religious freedom. Read my recent blog post if you need to get up-to-speed on the hate-law and the bigoted clowns that created it.

It also makes me happy to see that Parks and Rec star Nick Offerman canceled his comedy tour in Indiana due to the RFRA hate-law. He put the cancelation on blast by tweeting this:

tweet screen shot


I encourage everyone (at the very least) tweet at Gov. Pence and let him know that we not longer live in a world where people small-minded fools run things. Bigotry – hatred – inequality will not fly with this generation and we must stand united to make it known! #boycottindiana


What do you think?

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