Dad’s Reaction to His Son’s New Little Mermaid Doll

This picture makes me so happy– look at that cute little face with unbridled happiness in his eyes! This is the expression someone makes when they are loved and accepted for who they are!

Father, Mikki Willis, could have reacted in many ways when his son, Azai, opted for a Little Mermaid Doll, but this story has a happy ending. While our society teaches us that subscribing to stereotypical gender-norms will help you “succeed” in life, Willis shows us that true success comes from knowing you’re loved and accepted as you are from an early age. Having a rock-solid foundation helps raise kids into productive, successful humans.

“Now how do you think a dad feels when his son wants to get this?” asked Willis… take a look and see his beautiful reaction!


Breaking: The Only One Reading Ted Cruz Book is Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz was just busted in a pathetic attempt to get his useless book on the New York Times Bestseller List by implementing a shady-sleezy scheme known as “pay-to-seem-important.” Instead of actually seeing how the ‘free-market’ responds to his book, he decided to partner with like-minded-shadesters over at ResultSource. The company purchased thousands of copies of A Time For Truth on behalf of Cruz in a coordinated effort to spike sales and give the impression that the book was popular with thousands of people.

John Prager reported for Addicting Info that Cruz isn’t the first right-winger to implement the “pay-to-seem-important” scheme. Conservative pastor Mark Driscoll with regard to his book, Real Marriage, Right-wing commentator Mark Levin’s 2009 book, Liberty and Tyranny, and Mitt Romney’s  No Apologies: The Case for American Greatness are all on the list of losers who pay for popularity. Hey, if it didn’t work for them, maybe it will work for Cruz?

Wrong! Of course the New York Times has a sophisticated way of determining true best-sellers – who did Cruz think he was playing? Bad move buddy! NY Times spokesperson Eileen Murphy said: “We have uniform standards that we apply to our best seller list, which includes an analysis of book sales that goes beyond simply the number of books sold. This book didn’t meet that standard this week.” Eileen Murphy further explained that “In the case of this book, the overwhelming preponderance of evidence was that sales were limited to strategic bulk purchases.”

Now lets just hope that Cruz takes ownership of his mistake and says he’s sorry! You’re definitely not presidential material if you have to buy your own book just to seem important!

The Confederate Flag Isn’t the Problem!

“Christ teaches us to love the homosexual, but he also teaches us to stand in the gap against sin” this is just one of many idiotic phases South Carolina State Senator Lee Bright said to kick off the debate about removing the Confederate flag from the statehouse. Hey, I mean you have to give it to him for going out on a limb to put the heat on same-sex marriage (oh the abomination!) rather than discuss the topic at hand: removal of the confederate flag. But it seems like the typical go-to tactic of the right-wing: create a distraction rather than actually coming up with a viable solution.

I wonder if Senator Bright minored in theater because his performance was quite passionate! You really should take a couple minutes to see this nut-job rant on about how “we can rally together and talk about a flag all we want but the devil is taking control of this land and we’re not stopping him!” The devil he is talking about are equal + civil rights policies, or more simply put its the GAYS fault! How dare equality take priority over racism?


South Carolina State Senate voted today to remove the confederate flag from the state house – so that is the “good news” of this story. Yes, there are crazy hateful-racist-bigots out there but their numbers are dwindling. The nation is changing, which is something all political parties can agree upon, but regardless of what losers like Sen. Bright think, it is changing for the better. Equality matters. Black lives matter. Gay lives matter. Everyone matters! 14th Amendment – Equal Protection.

[sources: ‘The devil is taking control’: Watch SC senator derail Confederate flag debate with insane gay marriage rant by David Edwards via RawStory + South Carolina Senator Cries Hilarious Man-Sobs For Confederate Flag Bested By Gayness by Evan Hurst via Wonkette]

Watch the Media’s Progression from Hating to Loving Bernie Sanders

YouTuber MagnumDB edited together the media’s progression from not taking Bernie Sanders as a serious presidential candidate to enthusiastically supporting him. It’s very cool to see Bernie’s support grow exponentially since the beginning of 2015 – back in February he only had 5% support – but now more than 34% of Americans support him! #FeelTheBern

Independence Day For Some, Not For All

Theft of Native Americans’ Land

This map looks at the conquest of North America from the Native American perspective – the people forced off of their land.  Retrieved from Vox: 70 Maps That Explain America  by Max Fisher and Dylan Matthews on July 1, 2015


Today’s Roundup of Breaking News Headlines

Luxury brand Barneys just released a stunning set of photos of diverse couples on their Window blog. These photos take an intimate look into what modern marriage looks like. SPOILER: it includes interracial + same-sex partners. #LoveWins #LoveIsLove


Millions of Americans Have Nothing to Celebrate on the Fourth of July because the fact is “millions of indigenous people have died as a consequence of American imperialism.” Simon Moya-Smith, a culture editor at Indian Country Today told Mic. Retrieved from Mic // By Jon Levine July 03, 2015


Former Democratic VA Senator Jim Webb Announces Presidential Bid // Retrieved from Vox by  on July 2, 2015


Bernie Sanders Draws a HUGE Crowd in WisconsinNo One Expected Bernie Sanders to Raise as Much Money as He Just Raised // Retrieved from The Guardian + Mic By Zeeshan Aleem July 02, 2015

sanders rally wisc


More Stupid from the South – Jindal Bans Gay Marriage

photo credit: Times-Picayune

Just a few days ago, Louisiana governor Piyush “Bobby” Jindal said “We don’t have a choice, our agencies will comply with the court order” in response to the Supreme Court’s decision on marriage for same-sex couples.  Jindal promised to respect the ruling.

Not a week has past since he made that promise. Jindal’s spokesperson Mike Reed told the press last night that “Jindal has decided Louisiana same-sex couples need to wait for yet another court’s decision,” The Times-Picayune reported late Wednesday night. “Our agencies will follow the Louisiana Constitution until the District Court orders us otherwise.”

Then Jindal signed an executive order giving clerks religious right to not issue marriage licenses. 

The New Civil Rights Movement journalist David Badash says “Jindal’s state-wide ban on recognizing the legally performed marriages in his own state means couples cannot change their names on drivers licenses and other important legal documents, adoptions could be on hold – or at least the names of both parents on birth certificates could be refused – and even death certificates cannot include a same-sex spouse’s name.”

Hey Piyush, guess what? You can play all the legislative games you want but you can’t stop love!